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Mission - English
sabato 02 giugno 2007

 Emotions at Water

 Water. Life on Earth bore in Water nest. Each of us had his nest in his Mother: a Water nest.
We have a debit with Water, however some one love and plays in Water, while others fear to approach and someone looks at her and mourns.
Love and Hate for Water an element attiring and disturbing us: in Water our weight changes, equilibrium changes, vision changes and in addition... how to breath when we are deep in Water
 We look for changes and changes are often mysterious and fragile, however we look also for surprises and discoveries; especially we are willing to face this challenges and grow up
We can do it smoothly, in free expression, as feeling same astonishment and joy of child touching his first toy.
Everything is feasible, using diving devices, smooth introduction by low deep-water pool, just a meter.

And Looking around, discovering, playing we float and we mover around floating.... and so we swim around!

For who fears and Desire

For Who looks for a Gift for himself

The Aquaphobia Courses are arising based on International Experiences in this area and are directed to each one is looking forward for becoming familiar with water, knowing how to face her and learn how to swim.
These research tracks are fast growing with strong interest from National Agencies and Departments as well as Sport Societies and Federations due to the fact that this aspect strongly affects safety and life in Water.